Andy Robinson is a highly sought after Keynote speaker around Australia and overseas.

His skilled use of personal stories, case studies and audience involvement will keep all team members engaged, challenged, and empowered.

An amazing storyteller with a great sense of humour, Andy had an early start in public speaking, with positions in youth work, counselling and pastoral care.

He gained experience in the business world in sales, marketing and management, before starting his own business in speaking, training and consulting.

In the LeadersRus Keynote Talks, Andy dives into such topics as Leadership, teamwork, personal goals and self-esteem.

He is also in demand in training others in public speaking.

Keynote Titles

LeadersRus – The future of leadership is all of us.

Synergy – Teamwork that works.

DNA – Culture from the inside out.

Free to Be Me – Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

Dream Catcher – Dreams + Goals + Action = Wins